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Spotlight: Marianela Medrano

So looking forward to this time with the wisest women I know!

Festival of Women Writers 2017

Hobart Festival of Women Writers welcomes the return of

Marianela Medrano.

Marianela Medrano

A founding Participating Writer of Festival of Women Writers, Marianela Medrano is a Dominican writer and psychotherapist. With more than 10 years of experience working for diverse populations, her work uses literature, with a special concentration in poetry,  as a healing tool. Marianela Medrano is a licensed professional counselor and a certified poetry therapist. Her areas of interest and practice include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness and Integral Psychotherapy. She combines literature, psychology, and her research on the Sacred Feminine to help others find new ways of knowing the wholeness of  being human. She has published the following: Oficio de Vivir (1986), Los Alegres Ojos de la Tristeza (1987), Regando Esencias/The Scent of Waiting (1998) and Curada de Espantos (2002).  Her work also appears in literary magazines such as Brooklyn Review (1995), Punto 7 Review (1996) Sisters of Caliban (1996) Callaloo…

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Taller Sobre Terapia de Aceptación y Compromiso (ACT)

Taller/Conferencia organizado por la Asociación Dominicana de Terapia Cognitiva Conductual ADTCC.

Diciembre 15, 2016

De 6:00 p.m. a 9:00 p.m.

Calle Rafael Augusto Sánchez No. 5.

Apto. 1-B, Evaristo Morales

Santo Domingo, DN.

Para reservación, favor llamar al 809-779-3599


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Palabra Counseling & Training Center

Palabra Counseling &Training Center

Clinical Focused Services

Dr. Medrano offers a transpersonal therapeutic approach that is informed by relational and gender-based principles. She focuses on helping individuals explore ways to bring about spiritual and conscious transformations.  A focus of the therapy is to understand how the mind works and in creating pathways for transforming unskillful mind states that impact behaviors and interactions with self and others.

What is the Transpersonal Approach to Individual, Couples and Family Therapy?

Over the course of therapy, the length of which depends on individual needs, clients forge a strong sense of self that can be transcended and included in the spectrum of their growth and development, including physical and mental wellbeing. A transpersonal session focuses on helping individuals explore positive influences in their lives rather than focusing on pathology.

Each session is a building block to help individuals view the healthy sides of their psyche so they can realize their potential. Stories, dreams, poems and other creative expressions are examined as elements that facilitate embodying the true nature of the psyche.

An ongoing focus of sessions is the understanding of human growth and development, facilitating the formation of strong stages and states of minds that then allow transcendence. Individuals without a sense of self or ego identity fall prey to emotional disorders; part of the work is facilitating the creation of a strong sense of self that can then be transcended to include spiritual experiences that are bigger than the self.

Mental disorders impede growth and functionality; transpersonal psychotherapy enhances optimism and empowers individuals to bring disorders into order. Living is seen as the road in which the spirit and soul travel toward “transpersonhood.” Interventions target six core aspects of human life: spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative.

Creativity, altruism, peak experiences, non-ordinary personal actions, psychological trauma and behavioral patterns are some of the important issues that will be essential to ongoing sessions. The aim is to create conscious evolution and to put dysfunctional actions into context so they can be transformed into functional behaviors and actions.

Dr. Medrano works collaboratively with individuals to cultivate a greater sense of connectedness with others, with nature, and with a higher spirit.

Psychotherapy and Poetry Therapy for Individuals, Families and Groups.

Length of treatment is based on an individualized plan of care.

  • Individual Therapy: 50 to 60 minute session
  • Family Therapy (including couples): 50 to 60 minute session
  • Group Therapy – 10 to 15 individuals: 90 minute session
  • Integral Coaching™: session lengths vary
  • Gender-specific groups: 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • Parenting Classes – Six consecutive classes per week, two hours each class.
    *or Co-parenting classes for divorcing couples

Training and Consultation

We provide qualified skilled consultations to meet company, school, agency, or family needs.

We offer consultation to community organizations, schools, businesses, law firms and government agencies. Consultation is tailored to specific needs.

Our team is experienced in developing courses that enhance communication, confidence, and team work in the work or home environment. We will design and conduct workshops to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization.  We recognize the impact of these workshops in the creation of a new culture that enhances productivity and morale, while helping organizations create pleasant and cohesive environments to foster growth and development for individuals, cultures and systems.

Our useful, accurate, and thought provoking workshops provide information that stimulates open discussions and interactions among participants. We facilitate a learning and active community where participants feel free to express themselves openly and honestly.

Types of Training and Workshops

All training is tailored to meet the needs of the organization.

  • Passion and Purpose in the Workplace: Creating a      Committed Workforce
  • Motivation: Wearing the Optimist’s Lens
  • The Road Less Traveled: Risk-Taking for Leaders
  • Meaningful Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Work: Collaborative Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Taming the Tiger: Understanding Anger
  • Staff Retention
  • Creating a Healing Work Environment
  • Creating a Fluid Organizational Culture
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Entrevista en Yola Yelou